10th Meeting Minutes 10-August-2017

Institute of Transportation Engineers – UIC Chapter

Minutes of the meeting for 10th August, 2017 (11:00 hrs)

Venue: 2054 ERF

Members present:

  • Hossein Noruzoliaee (President)
  • Ramin Shabanpour (Vice President)
  • Noosheen Nazari (Treasurer)
  • Natalia Kuvakina (Secretary)
  • Sudheer Ballare (Secretary)

Special invitees

  • Bo Zou (Faculty advisor)
  • Diana Briones


Sr. no. Description Responsibility Date of completion
1) Ms. Natalia and Ms. Diana informed the ITE Board about their experience of attending the MWITE 2017 conference and participating in the Midwestern District Traffic Bowl competition. They also informed the Board regarding the status of their reimbursement process. The ITE Board congratulated them for their impressive performance at UIC’s first ever participation in the Midwestern Traffic Bowl competition.
2) The ITE Board was informed of the availability status and the associated costs with renting a space to organize ITE Illinois Student Day in March 2018 at UIC. It was decided by the Board to inform ITE that UIC would be pleased to provide space to organize the same. Space for the same to be reserved. Secretary Aug, 2017
3) It was decided to hold the General Body Meeting in the month of September to welcome the students, seek suggestions for activities to be conducted in the following year as well as inform the students about the ITE Board elections scheduled to be conducted in Fall 2017. A review of the previous year’s progress will also be presented. Executive Board Sept, 2017
4) Members from ITE Illinois should be requested for a suitable date to interact with students at UIC and the General Body meeting held accordingly. Secretary Aug, 2017
5) The Board also decided to plan two external talks (Shared Mobility Centre) and one internal talk (Nabin Kafle) to be scheduled in the Fall semester. Executive Board Fall, 2017
6) It was also decided to organize an outdoor non-academic event (picnic/barbeque) for students to interact with each other. Locations to be discussed and finalized upon by the ITE Board. Executive Board Aug/Sept, 2017
7) It was also discussed that the ITE Board could work closely with the ASCE Board and participate in events such as outreach programs. Executive Board Ongoing
8) The President informed the Board members that the members of the board would be expected to attend the annual conference in August at UIC to continue the registration of the student organization. Another meeting that requires participation from the Board members would be for the student organization funding. Executive Board Aug, 2017
9) The President also informed the Board members that to access the internal funding sources from the College of Engineering, the Board would be required to participate in the monthly council meetings. Executive Board Ongoing
10) The ITE Board was informed that no information from Centre for Student Involvement was available for the COF account number and the Board would need to check the status again. Executive Board ASAP
11) The Board also had a discussion on ways to engage the undergraduate students more actively with ITE. Ways suggested include information dissemination through courses like CME 302/402, providing information on carrier opportunities and participation in events like Traffic Bowl, as well as having a point-wise credit system to suitably recognize the active participants. Executive Board


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