2nd Meeting Minutes 29-Jun-2016

Good day everyone,

Today we have had the second UIC ITE board meeting with the following outcomes:
1. Based on the response from ITE national office the UIC chapter is active and can operate regularly. We do not have to pay for it’s registration (hooray!).
2. Everyone is welcome to go online, fill up the form and register as a student member (select UIC as a student chapter). It is free for the first year.
3. The budget of the chapter is not yet defined. Hossein and Noosheen could probably inquire with College of Engineering if they can provide us with any grants or fundings, especially since Hossein has a insight on the initial steps.
Also we will probably have to establish an annual membership fee like other societies do, to obtain the initial fund for the first events. The amount is to be determined.
4. Recruitment: since the chapter is active everyone is welcome to join so please contact all the students and faculty who you think will be interested in participating. There is a number of students in UPP and CUPPA who are interested in transportation and might want to join. Also we can collaborate with ASCE and other societies to involve undergraduate students.
All and all we are up and running. Let’s continue with a steady progress.

1st Meeting Minutes 24-Jun-2016

Dear everyone,

Just for the record and to recap or the first board meeting of UIC ITE newly-assembled chapter:
1. First step in reestablishing the chapter will be contacting regional and national ITE offices so we can understand the current status.
2. After we get the responses there will be 2 options: either the chapter is active and will be able to proceed to members registration, or the chapter will have to be registered again and we’ll have to do that first.
3. The chapter’s budget and funding have to be evaluated prior to the events scheduling. ITE UIC academic advisor Prof. Bo Zu agreed to help us with that.
4. Sandeep Sasidharan was appointed to the board as chapter’s website moderator.
5. After we will be able to register existing members we’ll be able to promote the chapter among other departments and undergraduate students.
Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

UIC ITE Student Meeting Minutes 22-June-2016

Thanks everyone who attended the meeting. Based on our discussions, here is the leadership team of the reactivated UIC ITE chapter:
President: Nabin Kafle
Vice Presidents: Hossein Noruzoliaee, Ramin Anbarani
Treasurer: Noosheen Nazari
Secretaries: Sudheer Ballare, Natalia Kuvakina
I look forward to a more closely-tighten transportation group and many of our activities in the fall.