6th Meeting Minutes 14-Oct-2016

Institute of Transportation Engineers – UIC Chapter

Minutes of the meeting for 17th October, 2016 (12:00 hrs)

Venue: CME Library

Members present:

  • Nabin Kafle (President)
  • Ramin Shabanpour (Vice President)
  • Hossein Noruzoliaee (Vice President)
  • Noosheen Nazari (Treasurer)
  • Natalia Kuvakina (Secretary)
  • Sudheer Ballare (Secretary)


Sr. no. Description Responsibility Date of completion
1) The President apprised the Board of the new funding arrangement in place and also the departmental expectations regarding ITE activities and outreach.    
2) It was decided to relook at the Annual plan to include more activities (field visits, guest lectures, participation in District Traffic Bowl etc.) Executive Board  
3) It was also decided to resubmit the request for registration with Centre for Student Involvement at the earliest. Secretary ASAP
4) It was decided to reschedule the timing of the proposed General Body meeting to avoid the clash with already scheduled CME classes. It was also decided to break down the activities required for successful organization of the General Body meeting and everyone could prepare a checklist regarding the same (requirements including refreshments and interactive games) Executive Board ASAP
5) It was also decided to share relevant and interesting content more often over email and through the ITE-UIC website. A link should also be provided on the ITE-UIC website for registration at the national ITE website. Webmaster 26th October, 2016