8th Meeting Minutes 09-Dec-2016

Institute of Transportation Engineers – UIC Chapter

Minutes of the meeting for 9th December, 2016 (15:00 hrs)

Venue: 2054, ERF

Members present:

  • Nabin Kafle (President)
  • Ramin Shabanpour (Vice President)
  • Hossein Noruzoliaee (Vice President)
  • Noosheen Nazari (Treasurer)
  • Natalia Kuvakina (Secretary)
  • Sudheer Ballare (Secretary)


Sr. no. Description Responsibility Date of completion
1) The Board reviewed the activities conducted in Fall 2016.    
2) The Board was informed that the first activity of the ITE chapter in 2017 would be attending the Transportation Research Board meeting in January, 2017. An attempt would be made to request par   January, 2017
3) The Board decided to organize a welcome event for returning members in the third week of January, 2017.   20th January, 2017
4) The Board was informed that the registration of the ITE-UIC chapter with Centre for Student Involvement (CSI) was still under review.    
5) The Board decided to organize a field trip (either to O’Hare or CMAP/CDOT offices) in Spring 2017. Board June, 2017
6) The Board was also informed that ITE would communicate the start of registrations for the District Traffic Bowl event in March, 2017. The Board also decided to invite local ITE representative for one of the speaker sessions.    
7) The President thanked the members of the board for their participation and support for all the activities during Fall 2016.