11th Meeting Minutes 13-September-2017

Institute of Transportation Engineers – UIC Chapter

Minutes of the meeting for 13th September, 2017 (11:00 hrs)

Venue: 2054 ERF

Members present:

  • Hossein Noruzoliaee (President)
  • Noosheen Nazari (Treasurer)
  • Sudheer Ballare (Secretary)

Special invitees

  • Bo Zou (Faculty advisor)


Sr. no. Description Responsibility Date of completion

The Executive board met to discuss the arrangements for organizing the second General Body Meeting (Sept. 20) for the Chapter. The agenda for the GBM was deliberated upon and the activities and the responsibilities assigned. The following points were discussed and agreed upon:

a)     Tentative agenda.

b)     Information dissemination regarding board elections during the GBM.

c)      Reserving at least two seats on the Executive Board for undergraduate students.

d)     Conducting the quiz during the GBM.

e)     Use of the evite service for RSVP’s.

f)       Other activities and responsibility allocation related to GBM.


Executive Board Sept., 2017
2) The Board was also informed regarding the inputs received from the Engineering Council Meeting on Sept. 12. The Board was informed that to receive funding from the College of Engineering, the board would be required to submit an annual plan and budget before the end of September, 2017. Executive Board Sept., 2017
3) Prof. Bo also suggested that the ITE Board should also plan for outdoor activities (social as well as professional). The Board should identify and propose locations/venues for the same. Executive Board Sept./October, 2017