14th Meeting Minutes 30th-August- 2019

Biographical Sketch

Institute of Transportation Engineers – UIC Chapter

Minutes of the meeting for 30th August 2019 (12:00 hrs)

Venue: 2054 ERF

Members present:

  1. Ali Shamshiripour (President)
  2. Ehsan Rahimi (Vice-President)
  3. Amir Bahador Parsa (Treasurer)
  4. Sudheer Ballare (Secretary)

Special invitees

  1. Prof. Bo Zou (Faculty Advisor)
Sr. no. Description Responsibility Date of completion
1)   The Executive board met to discuss the activities to be organized in Fall 2019.   Executive Board December, 2019
2) The ITE Board was informed that the ITE Illinois Chapter is providing a cheque for funding of $500 to all student Chapters. Amir to verify with Mary Ann regarding whom the cheque should be addressed to, so that we can deposit it in the UIC ITE account. Amir Bahador Parsa ASAP
3) The ITE Board was also informed that the ITE Illinois Chapter has requested to organize the annual ITE Illinois Day at UIC in November. The Executive Board agreed that we should host ITE at UIC, if we can confirm the availability of a suitable venue. Sudheer to check the availability of the venue. Sudheer Ballare ASAP
4) The Executive Board also agreed to organize the General Body Meeting separately than the ITE annual Day towards the end of September. Executive Board September, 2019